Artist Tiger, Mei Yu 美玉 by Wayneston Bears

$880.00 SGD

Artist Tiger, Mei Yu 美玉 by Wayneston Bears

Mei Yu is approximately 9.5 inches tall standing, made from beautiful soft gold and black mohair. He is completely designed and hand crafted by me, Wayne Lim from Singapore.

Many hours have been spent to give her an endearing face. Her face is needle sculpted, shaded and trimmed with razor and scissors to give her a Wayneston Bears Signature style. Her nose and eyelids are needle felted, harden, painted and sealed. Shadings have been given to her to enhance his look.

Mei Yu views the world with her realistic resin doll eyes. She is 4-way jointed at her limbs using hardboard disks with hardware. Head, spine, arms, legs and tail have locline armature as well, these make her very poseable.

Foot and paw pads are very detailed and took hours to create, made of ultra suede with needle sculpted techniques. His claws are individually hand sculpted and shaded. She is filled with polyfill, crushed garnets, and much love. Mei Yu has horsetail whiskers on her cheeks.

Many times have spent to airbrushed black stripes to her body. A jade pendant is tied around her neck. A fabric ball is specially made for her to play with.

A Wayneston Bears suede tag is sewn on his back.

This bear/creation has been made by me, Wayne Lim from design to completion. This bear/creation is meant for the adult collector and not to be given to a child. A swing tag with its specifications and a certificate of authenticity will be attached together. All creations come from a smoke-free home.

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