Tote Bears - A Gift of Recreation

Origin of Tote Bears - A Singapore Story

Tote Bears is founded in 2016 by Wayne Lim, a Teddy Bear Artist based in Singapore.

Wayne enjoys exploring using different types of materials to create a Teddy Bear. 

The present world today needs help. Recycling helps to reduce the damage done to the world. These days, recycled tote bags are given when purchasing merchandise. Many people also purchase tote bags with various prints as a fashion statement. After using these bags a few times, people tend to throw them away when they get bored with the design. Why waste the beautiful prints on the Tote Bags? Inspired by the concept of recycling, Wayne turns the Tote Bags into Tote Bears! Wayne sees unlimited possibilities to recycle and recreate the Tote Bags into beautiful toys for people to enjoy! 

Wayne has been making Teddy Bears since 2009 and till date, has made more than 200 Teddy Bears. It's an expensive hobby as the materials are not cheap and have to be imported from overseas. One can use recycled materials like left overs felt, denim, leather and Tote Bags! As an artist, Wayne encourages people to start using recycled materials for their work. Creations made from recycled materials can also bring joy to the ones you love.

*Wayne Lim is also the creator and founder of Wayneston Bears and Wayneston Studios.
*Tote Bears and Wayneston Bears are Original Soft Sculpture Creation by Wayne Lim, Singapore

For enquiries on workshops and collaboration works, contact Wayne at: