Craft Mastery Alliance

Join our Craft Mastery Alliance! (Wayneston Crafter Space)

Our place is now your space. What you teach is up to you! Inspired to teach jewelry making? Quilting? Doll making? crafting of any kind? Go for it! Turn your favorite craft project into a class.

At Wayneston Studios, we are always looking to work with local and international artists together to support one another to grow the handmade community.

We want support artists and entrepreneurs by providing an affordable space for them to host their workshops and events.

Looking for a venue to host your workshop or event?

We have a Maker Space for you! Our Studio can sit up to 12 pax per workshop session/event.

Whats the booking rates?

Usage of our space will be chargeable by per pax as below.

*Instructors will be given extra 30 mins to setup before workshop/event and wrap up at the end. Rates above is curated by per workshop.
*No back to back booking of a similar workshop is allowed.

Is there a minimum number of participants for each workshop session?

No, there isn’t. You can have a minimum of 1 student and up to 12 students in each workshop session. However, do check with us on our venue availability before publicising your workshop/event. If there are lesser number of students turning up for your workshop, instructors will only pay based on the number of sign up attendance.

What is included?

Free Listing of your workshop on our Website, Facebook and Instagram.
- We will charge a minimal of 10% administration fee per booking registered on our website and signup information will be provided to instructors.

- Instructors can promote their own workshop hosting on their own booking website/platform.

*Note that signing up through our online platform requires payment to be made via Bank Transter or Paypal.


Are weekends and public holidays available?

Yes, both weekends and public holidays are available for booking. Please check with us on the venue availability and reserve the date with us at last 4 weeks in advance.

How to join?

Email us at to register your interest.