Artist Squirrel, Jonas by Wayneston Bears

$380.00 SGD

Artist Squirrel, Jonas by Wayneston Bears

Jonas stands at approximately 7 inches long and is born from Reddish Brown and White Mohair.

His face is needle and scissor sculpted, shaded and trimmed, giving him the signature Wayneston Bears look and feel. His nose is embroidered, sealed and polished with Beeswax.

Jonas views the world with his German glass eyes. He is five-way jointed using hardboard disks with other hardware. Horsetail whiskers are sewn onto his cheek.

Jonas has a wire armature tail and a darker tone of brown is airbrushed onto his body and tail. He is filled with polyfill, crushed garnets and much love.

His ultra suede foot pads on the feet are needle sculpted. He wears a pendant around his neck.

Jonas is meant primarily for the adult collector. A swing tag with its specifications and a certificate of authenticity will be attached together with him.

All creations come from a smoke free home and will be nicely wrapped with acid free paper and packed into a box.

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