New Higher Intermediate Polar Workshop! June 3, 2021 15:23

We are pleased to introduce a brand new workshop this month!
Learn to create a 9.5" Einstein Polar Cub!
This is a Higher Intermediate Workshop for experienced bear artists training to improve and discover new techniques to apply on their Teddy Bears.
In the 4-day workshop, you will learn how to create a double neck joint, open mouth design with tongue, needle sculpted footpads, hand sculpted nose/claws and various finishing touches to complete your bear.
More information of this workshop can be found on our website.
Please Note:
- Not suitable for beginners.
- Students are advised to attend Intermediate Maxi Bear Workshop before attempting this workshop.
- We will not be covering basic sewing techniques, students are required to collect the kit to complete sewing before coming to class.
Fees includes all materials.
For enquiries, email Wayne at: