Luther Bear Competition May 1, 2020 14:04

We are hosting this mini bear-making competition to encourage everyone to stay home and make a Teddy Bear.
We know that this is a hard time for everyone to stay home, it's the same for us!
We hope to do our part to share our passion with everyone and perhaps introducing you to a new hobby!
Terms & Conditions:
 >>> Download and make a Luther Bear/Matthias Bear from our website.
- There is no size limit to your entry. You may scale the Teddy Bear to the size you want.
- You can use any kind of fabrics to make your bear.
- Your Teddy Bear entry must be a bear made from our pattern and alternation to the pattern is not allowed.
>>> Three Winners will be picked by Wayneston Studios.
>>> Winners will receive $50 SGD vouchers (Coupon Code) to purchase items from our website. (No minimum spending)
>>> Deadline for all entries 31 May 2020.
Winners will be announced in June.
>>> Give your Teddy Bear a name and Email your entries (Front View, Side View, Back View and Best Angle View) to
Email Subject title: Luther Bear Competition.
We will post all the entry photos into a photo album on our Wayneston Studios business page. Winners will be announced in June.
Thank you for your support and participation!